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Journeys for the Reverent and the Rest of us!

Get to know the co-leaders, Sheryl Shenk and Ted Swartz, as you consider joining an Eklectic Pilgrimage. Learn more about them here!

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Curious how others have experienced pilgrimages? Hear it directly from participants of past trips and see pictures from our past travels.


Pilgrimage allows us to explore a land and its people who walked in faith in a distinct way that shaped history and spirituality. Their story will impact our story as we travel together with a group of EKLECTIC PILGRIMAGES companions. 
As we think about pilgrimage, we are looking at a way of travel different from tourism. Tourists can pass through places and return home unchanged people. We might check off another place on our bucket list of places and we may bring home souvenirs for our family. 
However, these deeper questions remain:
  • How did this experience impact us?
  • What new awareness will we reflect upon?
  • What spiritual or physical practice will we integrate?
Our pilgrimage will challenge us to allow the places, the people, the experiences, the group prayers, the walks, etc. that we encounter together along the way to pass through us. Each day will hold an invitation to be touched in mind, body, and soul. And laughter definitely will be integral to our travel as one of our spiritual practices! Ted will see to that!!

We invite you to come along for the journey!


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